Everything we do is to help our merchants.

And the only way is by building a focused and talented team!

How do we work?

Merchant first

The merchant is our priority. We listen, support and work every day to improve their lives.


We believe in people that act behalf of the entire company, beyond them and their teams. People that solve problems thinking long-term.


To get where we want, we need to be disciplined like athletes. We value strength and organisation.

Data and Iteration

We prefer data over opinions. We are constantly learning with our merchants and trying to understand where to act first and better.

Enjoy the trip!

we know how to have fun! To build our vision we know that it’s important to enjoy every single bit of our journey.

Young and diverse team

We hire tonnes of young and diverse people because we believe their curiosity, boldness and fresh minds will take us to the next level.

Recruitment: available vacancies.